viernes, 9 de junio de 2017

LISTA de músicos cristianos similares a músicos seculares

Como parte del estudio "11 Razones para DEJAR de escuchar música secular", compartimos esta lista de alternativas de cantantes y bandas cristianas en distintos géneros y subgéneros musicales, que a veces llegan a parecerse a músicos y cantantes seculares populares de las últimas décadas o la época contemporánea. 

En la primera columna de la siguiente tabla se encuentra la referencia de músicos seculares que representan un tipo de género o estilo musical; en la segunda columna se encuentra una serie de sugerencias basadas en las similitudes entre el músico secular y el músico cristiano, a veces relacionadas con el color o tipo de voz, el uso y la combinación de instrumentos, el estilo de las melodías, la armonía, la velocidad, el ritmo predominante o de fondo, el aumento o disminución de repeticiones, entre otros aspectos musicales

La música cristiana, la dedicada a Dios y a expresar con arte la vida de un seguidor de Cristo, es tan rica y variada, que me atrevería a decir que mucho más original y sorprendente que la música del mundo... la idea es que no haya pretexto para dejar de seguir a bandas seculares y que nadie diga que hay poca variedad de música cristiana.

Cantante secular
o banda secular
Cantante cristiano similar
o banda cristiana similar
Sugerencias de canciones o álbumes
con similitudes musicales
30 Seconds To MarsAscend The HillSing, Spend It All, Love, Joy,
Least of TheseFilthy Man, Grace, The Son: The Kingdom
ABBAReba Rambo & Donny McGuireThe Lord’s Prayer (album), Ready For Battle, Year of Enlistment, Ziklag to Zion, Ain’t Givin’ Up
The ArchersPrince Of Peace, Give Us This Day, We’re All Gonna Live Here, Blame It on the One I Love, Fresh Surrender, I Need You, God Loves You, I’m with Jesus, Be Our Guest, Celebrate
Twila ParisDays Of Elijah, He Is Exalted, God Is In Control, What Am I Without You, The Warrior Is a Child
BJ ThomasJesus On My Mind
Sue & Jeff DuffieldWe Are Perplexed, I Have You
AC/DCLou Gramm BandRattle Yer Bones
WhiteheartConvertibles, Powerhouse, Let the children play, Dr Jekyll And Mr Christian, Power Tools, Speed of Sound, Fashion Fades, Who owns you,
AlliesMan with a Mission, The Devil Is a Liar, Long Way From Paradise, Christian Man
PetraBeat The System
AdeleLauren DaigleTrust In You, How Can It Be, I Am Yours, O’ Lord
Kim Walker SmithStill Believe (album)
AerosmithRuss TaffWinds of Change, Higher Power
John Elefante
Audio Adrenaline
Steven Curtis ChapmanI Will Not Go Quietly, All About Love
AFIAscend The Hill ‘Wind Of God
Least Of TheseTorches, Be Still and Know, Grace, Temple Bodies
Take No Glory
A-haSteven Curtis ChapmanHeaven In The World (1994 album), For the Sake of the Call, More to this life (album), Real Life Conversations (album)
Benny HesterWhoever Touches You
David MeeceYou Can Go, Going Home, Over You, The Man With the Nail Scars, Inside Out, Once In A Lifetime, Rest of My Life, Learning to Trust, This Tim
Aida CuevasMaricruz BarriosOh Pecador
Air SupplyBenny HesterNobody Knows Me Like You, When God Ran, Remember Me
David MeeceWe Are The Reason, Forgiven, I Can See, God’s Promises, By The    Waters, Brokenness
Wayne WatsonHeart of Hearts, Somewhere in the World, A Beautiful Place, If Not for Love, There Go Sundown
Alan Parson's ProjectDarrell Mansfield BandHigher Power (album completo)
Randy StonehillCelebrate This Heartbeat, The Lazarus Heart
Paul ClarkHand to the Plow
Neal MorseTemple Of The Living God, Sola Scriptura (album), Testimony (album)
Alejandro FernándezJuan Carlos DeviaEres para mi, Seguir a Cristo, Seguiré adelante, Despierta ya, Jesús te puede salvar, Tu eres mi amigo
Moisés GamboaNos vamos a gozar, Tu palabra santa
Raul Guzman¿A dónde vas?
Alex UbagoSeath CondreyNadie es más grande que Tú
AmericaMustard Seed FaithSail on Sailor, Sidney The Pirate,
Dan PeekAll Things Are Possible
Ana TorrojaPeregrinos y ExtranjerosAdmirable
Annie LennoxOut Of The GrayTo Keep Love Alive, Nothing’s Gonna Keep Me From You, ‘In the Name of Love’
Kim Walker SmithFresh Outporing
Ariana Grande

Love & The OutcomeThe God I Know, These Are The Days, Strangers, Bring Us Back, When We Love, Galaxies,
Francesca BattistelliHe Knows My Name, Write Your Story,
Morah PetersDon’t Want To Live For Me, You Carry Me, Brave, To Leave It All Behind, Born To Be Free, Moriah Peters, Stand Strong
Holly StarrRun The Race, Never Going Back
Aretha FranklinMahalia Jackson
Naomi Sheldon and the Gospel Queens
Mavis Staples
Armando ManzaneroManuel BonillaHimnos del Ayer 2
AudioslaveJeremy CampRight Here (album), Restored, Breaking My Fall,
Third Day
Avril LavigneHolly StarrDon’t Have Love, This Love, Satified, Sunshine
Meredith Andrews
Moriah PetersBloom, Well Done
Kate Hurley
Kari Jobe
Backstreet BoysCaleb & SolThe Healing (album)
Band Of HorsesAscend The HillPower in The Name Of Jesus, Return to Us, You Have My Heart
Citizens & SaintsLiving in the Land of Death
Loud Harp
Josh White
Steve Schallert
Stevie Lujan
The Brilliance
Barry ManillowRandy StonehillWhen I Look To The Mountains,
Steve Green
David Meece
Michael W. Smith
Steve ArcherThrough His Eyes Of Love, We Are His Hands, Jesus Is The Rock, Teach Me To Be More Like You
Barry WhiteRon Kenoly
(The) Beach BoysGoodnewsRun to the End of the Highway, Good News
The GalileansMe and Jesus
The Crossbeats
The Witnesses
The PilgrimsDo you remember?, Time
The Beatles (60’s - 65’s)The ConcordsHe Thinks Of You, I Have the Master
The CrossbeatsDo you remember?, Change
The WitnessesYou Must Do Something With Jesus,
The Winning Side
The PilgrimsHey You!
The JoystringsOpen Secret
Randy StonehillKeep Me Running, Light of the World'
The Beatles (66’s - 70’s)Barry McGuireC’mon Along
Larry Norman
Phil Keaggy
PRFWonder Why, Goldie’s Last Dog
Bee GeesAndrus Blackwood and CompanyGive Them All To Jesus, Give It All, Look Me In The Heart
The ArchersYou Know The Future, Back in Your Arms, Music (He Brings me a new song), Picking Up The Pieces, Make Me An Instrument, Brand New Day, Care
Benny HesterSure of Your Call, Be a Receiver, The Door, Goodby Salty
Wayne WatsonHeart of Hearts, If Not For Love, There Goes Sundown
BeyonceBrenda James
Lauren DaigleTrust In You
Billy JoelKeith GreenGod Our Lord
Wayne WatsonWatercolor Ponies, Friend of a Wounded heart
Chris Christian
Marty J. Nystrom,
Michael W. SmithPlace In This World
Benny HesterNobody Knows Me Like You
B.J. ThomasEvieGive Yourself to Jesus
Black SabbathPetra
Neal MorseSola Scrituptura (album)
WhiteheartDr Jekyll And Mr Christian, Let the children play
Blink 1982Newsboys (1900s)
Audio Adrenaline (1990’s)
BlondieOut Of The Gray
Bloodhound GangCarman
Bob DylanKeith Green
Bob MarleyChristafari
Ryan Kondo&Wallace Faagutu
Oceans, Revelation Song, 10,000 Reasons
I Got a Song To Sing, Survival Plan
Bon JoviJohn Elefante
WhiteHeartIndependence Day, The Flame Passes On, Desert Rose, Seventy Times Seven, His heart was always in it, Let It Go, My Eyes Have Seen, Convertibles, Heaven of my heart, His Heart Was Always In It
Lou Gramm BandMade To Be Broken, I Wanna testify, Baptized by Fire
DeGarmo & KeyBoycott Hell, Let’s Get Upset, Hand In Hand, Every Moment
Jay Sekulow & Friends
John Schlitt
Wayne WatsonLong Arm of the Lord, Narrow Way, Peace that Passes Understanding, Born in Zion, It’s Time,
Michael W. SmithSecret Ambition
Steven Curtis ChapmanThe Great Adventure, Dying to Live, No Better Place
Benny HesterSecret Thoughts, To Fill Our Empty Hearts
Bonnie TylerTwila ParisThe Warrior is a Child
BreadAndrus, Blackwood and Co.You Are
Larry Norman
Britney SpearsMandisaOvercomer, Stronger
Love & The Outcome
Bruce SpringsteenSteven Curtis ChapmanI Will Not Go Quietly, Lord Of The Dance, The Great Adventure, Heaven in The Real World
Wayne WatsonHome Free, A Beautiful Place, If Not For Love
Bruno MarsAbandon
Anthem Lights
Zach WilliamsChain Breaker, Old Church Choir
Bryan AdamsSteven Curtis ChapmanFor He Who Really Is, Lord Of The Dance, The Great Adventure, Heaven in The Real World, I Will Not Go Quietly
Geoff Moore And The DistanceThe Vow, Listen To Our Hearts, God Bless The Broken Road
Wayne WatsonHome Free, A Beautiful Place
Robby SeayUp to the Mountain
The CallingJeremy CampCarried Me: The Worship Project (album completo), Restored (album completo); Take Me Back, I Know You’re Calling, ‘Right Here’, All the Time, Beautiful One, Nothing,
John Waller
Third DayOn Fire
David Olinger
NewsboysBuild Up Back, We Believe, God’s Noy Dead
The CardigansOut Of The Gray
Carlos SantannaRex CarrollThe Rex Caroll Sessions (album)
Carole KingHoneyTreeOnly God, Treasures, I Don’t Have To Worry, Job’s Song, Clean Before My Lord,
Carol MeltonFrom This Day On, Let Your Love Shine Out
Annie HerringSome Days
Marj SnyderLord of Glory,
Smith's ComfortDo You Believe?
Lou HaylesHigh Priest, Tapestry, Father of the Fatherless
Sara Groves
The CarpentersEvie Tornquist KarlssonUnfailling Love, At the River of Jordan, Home is where I Belong,
Karen LaffertyFather Of Lights
Andrus Blackwood and Co.God-made man, Close To You
Chuck Girard
Reba RamboLady (1976 album), Sweet Jesus Peace
The ArchersChange, Lord Keep Your Lovin' Hand on Me, My Hope, Moments I Spend With You
Cesar CostaManuel Bonilla
Charlie PuthGreg Sykes
ChayanneMarcos BrunnetTodo lo que hay en mi te adora, Deseable
ChicagoB.J. ThomasHome Where I Belong
David Meece
Steve Green
The ImperialsLord Of The Harvest, Because Of Who You Are
PetraVisions / Not of this World, More Power to Ya
Christina AguileraMandisa
Lilly Goodman
Christina PerriHolly StarrSatified, Sunshine, This Love
Cyndi LauperTwila ParisGod Is In Control, Days of Elijah, How Beautiful
The ArchersColors of love, Heaven inYour Eyes,
Sandy PattyQuiero Edificar,

Jon ThurlowHave The Glory, Prayer Room
Will Reagan
Rob Humphreys
Christopher CrossDana KeyThe Outlaw, Dear Mr. Clapton
Wayne Watson
Heart of Hearts, Somewhere in the World, If Not For Love,
A Beautiful Place
The CranberriesOut of the Gray
Sara GrovesAdd To The Beauty, Love Is Still a Worthy Cause
Susan AshtonHere in My Heart, You Move Me, What Joy
Take No Glory
Creedence Clearwater RevivalDarrell Mansfield BandThe Vision (album completo)
Barry McGuireFollow the Light, Light Of The World, Inside Out (album)
Hallelujah Joy BandTo All There Comes a Time
BethlehemDesert Song, Just a Prayer Away
The Imperials,Oh Buddha, Sail On
The Pioneers
Ruby Joe
Jay Frank
Paul Clark & FriendsGood To Be Home
Cristian CastroJuan Carlos Alvarado
DaughtryJeremy Camp
Third Day
DawnThe PebblesMy Master And My Lord
The ArchersWith Every Breath I Take, Giver of Life, Every Good and Perfect Gift, Truth Peace Joy
Donna SummerHelen Baylor
The DoorsAgapeAgape (1971), Aziris (1970)
Barry McGuirePlowman, Moment Of Truth,
Duran DuranWhiteheartThe Flame Passes On, Say The Word, Montana’s Sky, Once and For all, Unchain, Morningstar, Power Tools, No Taboo, Over Me, Key To Our Survival, Edge Of The Dream, Lone Ranger, Read the Book (Don't Wait for the Movie), No Apology, Emergency Broadcast, Where The Thunder Roars,
Wayne WatsonGiants in the Land, The Long Arm of The Lord, The Narrow Way,    Yesterday’s News, It’s Time
Benny HesterSecret Thoughts
DeGarmo & KeyBoycott Hell’, ‘Let’s Get Upset’, Six Six Six, Every Moment,Up On A Cross,
Steven Curtis ChapmanTruth or Consecuences
Russ TaffI’ve come too far
Michael W. SmithThe Throne
Earth, Wind and Fire
Village People
KC and the Sunchine Band
The ImperialsI'm Forgiven, Bread Upon The Water
Andrus, Blackwood and CompanyWalk On Water, The Well Will Never Run Dry
Reba Rambo & Dony McGuireThe Lord’s Prayer
EaglesPhil Keaggy
PetraRoad To Zion
Steven Curtis Chapman
Ed SheranSteven Curtis ChapmanStory Unfolding
Tenth Avenue NorthAfraid, What You Want, I Have This Hope, Fighting For You
Edwin McCainCasting Crowns
Third Day
Ella FitzgeraldMahalia Jackson
Elton JohnKeith GreenSo You Wanna Go Back To Egypt
Jason Upton
B.J. ThomasJesus On My Mind
Elvis Presley-Joseph Larson
Mark Murchison
Jay Frank Ward
Alan Jackson
Enrique IglesiasKike PavónFácil, Me gusta
Eric ClaptonBethlehemHoly Ghost Blues,
Darrell Mansfield (Band)Never Been To The Seminary , The Vision (album)
Phil Keaggy
Geoff Moore
True Believers
Randy StonehillKeep Me Running, Light of the World
The Joy Road Gospel BandI Met Jesus
Estela NúñezMaricruz ParedesLlévame a la Roca (album completo)
EuropeAbrahamThe Watchmen, Freedom in Jesus
Wayne WatsonLong Arm of The Lord, The Narrow Way
Degarmo & KeyLet the Whole World Sing
EvanesceneTake No GloryMusicianaries (album completo)
Fall Out BoyAscend The HillThe Lord is Gracious
Least of TheseWatermark, Made Low
Five for FightingAll Songs & Daughters
John WallerThe Blessing (album); While I’m Waiting (album)
Hillary Scott & The Scott Family  Thy Will
Chris McClartneyYour Love Never Fails
Joel Case
Jason Upton
Jon Thurlow
Tauren WellsHills and Valleys
Jaye Thomas
Steven Curtis ChapmanCinderella, When Love Takes You In
Jake StevensBeautiful
FlansHermanos MedinaPlegaria
Peregrinos y Extranjeros
Fleetwood MacThe ImperialsLet The Wind Blow
Russ TaffI’m Not Alone, Medals (album), Here I Am
Wayne WatsonA Beatufil Place,
The ArchersWhat’s it Gonna Take, I Love You Lord, Walk Like He Walks, Winnin Again, Don’t Let It, All Systems Are Go, Back on track, Run To You, We Need Each Other
Foo FightersJeremy CampUnderstand, Take My Life
ForeignerDeGarmo & KeyCasual Christian, If God is For Us, Destined To Win
WhiteheartSeventy Times Seven, Jerusalem, Maybe Today, The River Will Flow, Let It Go
Wayne WatsonThe Narrow Way, Long Arm of The Lord, When God’s people pray, Home Free,
Russ TaffI’m Not Alone, Here I Am, Do you believe in love?, I Still Believe,
John Elefante
The ImperialsLet The Wind Blow
Benny HesterWhoever Touches You
AlliesTrust In God, Send Me, How Much Love
Gary B. B. ColemanLarrie Harris
Loren MulraineIn The Name of Love
George HarrisonPhil Keaggy
Geoff MooreTrue Believers
Goo Goo DollsJeremy CampSpeaking Louder Than Before (album)
Jason Ellsworth Band
Derek Levendusky
Aaron Tomberlin
Steven Curtis ChapmanI Will Not Go Quietly, Lord Of The Dance, The Great Adventure, Heaven in The Real World
Green DayAudio Adreline (1990’s)Never Gonna Be as Big as Jesus
Big Tent RevivalWhat would Jesus do?, The Best thing in live,
Live at Harvest Crusade
Gun's N'RosesGuardian
Neal MorseQuestion Mark, (Temple Of The Living God) Sola Scriptura / Testimony
HeartFirst CallThe Reason We Sing, Lord of All, Undivided
Hall & OatesWayne Watson
Hermanas PadillaMartha y María BonillaGracias a Dios, Es obra del Salvador
HoobastankStarfieldThe Kingdom
Howie DayJohn Waller
Casting Crowns
Third Day
IcehouseWhiteheartSay The Word, Montana’s Sky, Maybe Today, The River Will Flow, Highlands of Love, Over Me, Guiding Light
James BluntAll Sons & Daughters
Janis JoplinHoneytreeResist The Devil
Mavis StaplesWe’ll Never Turn Back (album)
The 2nd Chapter of Acts
Larry Norman
Vonda Van DikeTalk To The Man, Searching Questions The New Kind of Hapiness (album)
Phil Keaggy
Joan Manuel SerratOscar Medina
Joe BonamassaJohn Schlitt
John Elefante
Third Day
Neal Morse
Steven Curtis ChapmanI Will Not Go Quietly, Lord Of The Dance
John LennonRandy StonehillKeep Me Running, Light of the World
Phil Keaggy
Larry Norman
John WaiteSteven Curtis ChapmanLost In the Shadow, Weak Days, Run Away
Wayne WatsonIt’s Time
Russ TaffSilent Love, I’m Not Alone, Here I Am
Steve ArcherIf You Were The Only One, Everything I Am
Johnny CashMark Murchison
Jay Frank Ward
Alan Jackson
Willie Nelson
Jorge NegreteJose TrejoDesde México adorando a Cristo (album)
José JoséNelson Ned
José Luis PeralesOscar Medina
JourneyRuss TaffTake My Hand, I Still Believe, Do you believe in love?, Here I Am
WhiteheartMaybe Today, The River Will Flow, Let It Go, Over Me, Somewhere In Between
Wayne WatsonFriend of a Wounded Heart, Born in Zion, Peace that passes understanding, It’s Time
John Elefante
DeGarmo & KeyCasual Christian, Hand In Hand
Bob CarlisleGetting Stronger, Butterfly Kisses
AlliesHow Much Love, Crying In The Chapel, Don’t You Worry, Send Me
Justin BieberGreg SykesReverse, Just The Beginning, We Stand as One
Brandon HeathGive Me Your Eyes
Casting CrownsThrieve (album)
Zach WilliamsChain Breaker, Old Church Choir
Danny GokeyHope In Front Of Me / La esperanza frente a mí (albums)
Justin TimberlakeBrandon HeathHard Love
Zach WilliamsChain Breaker, Old Church Choir
Casting Crowns
KabbahMiel San MarcosTu eres Dios
(Dave Hope & Kerry Livgren)
Albumes: Time Line, Art of the State, Reconstructions, Prime Mover
The ImperialsBe Still My Soul, Water Grave
Kanye WestTravis GreeneIntentional
Katy PerryTaya Smith
Love & The OutcomeThe God I Know, We Are The Kingdom, Giants Fall
Hannah Kerr
Moriah PetersBrave, To Leave It All Behind, Born To Be Free, Moriah Peters, Stand Strong, Sing In The Rain,
Britt Nicole
Francesca Battistelli

KeaneSara Groves
StarfieldLight of the World, The Kingdom
Kelly ClarksonBritt Nicole
Francesca Battistelli
Kenny RogersBill & Gloria Gaither
The KillersHillsong Young & Free
Phil JoelShout, Strangely Normal (album)
Hillsong LondonFollow the Son, Jesus Is
La Oreja de Van GoghRojoTu amor hace eco en todo mi universo, Te amo más que a mi vida    misma, Mi Dios
Lady AntebellumLove & The OutcomeHannah Kerr
Hillary Scott & The Scott FamilyThy Will
Lenny KravitzPhil Joel
Big Tent Revival
Leonard CohenMark Murchison
Jay Frank Ward
Alan Jackson
Linkin ParkJeremy CampTake My Life, Living Word Of God, Reckless
LifehouseLuke Hellebronth
David Olinger
Derek Levendusky
Lionel RichieWayne WatsonBorn in Zion, If Not For Love, Changed in a Moment, Another Time Another Place, Just Never Say It Enough,
Steven Curtis ChapmanHiding Place, Who Cares, Heartbeat of Heaven,
Geoff Moore And The DistanceA Friend Like U
Steve ArcherSafe, But You Didn’t, Evermore
The ImperialsYou’re The Only Jesus
Clay CrosseI Surrender All, I Will Follow Christ
Little RichardAndrae CrouchTake a Little Time, To God Be The Glory
Louis ArmstrongGospel LegendsDon’t Let the Devil Ride

John P. KeeStanding in the Need
Lucha VillaMartha y MariaGracias a Dios, Una alabanza más
Luciano PavarottiSteve AmersonWhere Else Would a Lamb Be Born, It’s Still the Cross
Russ TaffPraise The Lord

Wayne WatsonBlessed Are
Lupita D’AlessioNancy Amancio
Luis MiguelLuis Santiago
Marcos Witt
Jesús Adrián Romero
Love & The Outcome
The Mamas and The PapasThe New CaliforniansIf Christ Had Not Come
AchorLord I Feel Your Sweet Presence
SeedsHey Hallelujah
Sonny Salsbury's ReflectionJesus Is Alive
Larry Norman
Phil Keaggy
2nd Chapter of Acts
The MarmaladeHarvest FlightTruth, Epilogue, One In Spirit, Free
Nelson and YorkThe World Has Got To Change
Sounds Of SalvationCome Unto Jesus
The ArchersThere Is A Light
Marco Antonio SolisJaime Murrell
Maroon 5AbandonFeel it in your heart
Zach WilliamsOld Church Choir
Anthem Lights
Marvin Gaye
Sam Cooke
James Brown
Al GreenAlbums: The Lord Will Make A Way, Higher Plane, Precious Lord, I’ll Rise Again, Trust In God, He Is The Light, Soul Survivor
Megan Trainor
Miley Cyrus
Pussycat Dolls
Beckah ShaeI’ll Be All Right, Heartbeat, Mighty, Supernova
Michael JacksonJotta AAgnus Dei
Tom FoxChasing God, Wait, Wayfaring Stranger
Midnight OilWhiteheartThe Flame Passes On, Seventy Times Seven, Maybe Today
MocedadesPeregrinos y Extranjeros
Modest MouseAscend The HillPower in the Name, You Have My Heart, Fall, Return to Us, You Alone, Psalm 36
Least of TheseFilthy Man
The Brilliance
The MonkeysThe Crossbeats
The Witnesses
The PilgrimsDo you remember?, Time,
My Chemical RomanceAscend The HillAwake, Sing

Civil ParishWicked Wounds
Música electrónica
(David Guetta,
Calvin Harris,
Alan Walker, Marshmello,
Tiësto, Avicii,
Don Diablo,
Daft Punk, etc.)
Hillsong Young & FreeWake,
Evan CraftPrincipio y Fin, No me dejarás
Daniel Bashta
Laura HackettWake
NewsboysThat’s How You Change The World, Restart, Live With Abandon, Way Beyond Myself, Save Your Life
AvalonO2: Avalon Remixed
Jesus CultureDance, Rooftops
Trinity WorshipYour Name Is Glorious
Aviad Cohen
Miel San Marcos ft. Evan CraftIncreible
Daniela AraujoCriador do Mundo (album)
Audio AdrenalineBeliever,
David Crowder BandSunsets & Sushi (album)
Kim Walker-SmithGlimpse, Rise, Throne Room, I Know, You Define Me
Chris QuilalaBecause Of Your love, Won My Heart
Natalia La FurcadeRojo
Nat King ColeAndrae Crouch
Edwin Hawkins
Neil YoungLarry Norman
Nelly FurtadoNicole C. MullenCall On Jesus
Norah JonesSara Groves
OasisStarfieldAll I Want Is You,  Innocence and Other Things Lost
Phil Joel / Zealand Worship
One DirectionEverfoundTake This City, God of the impossible
Tenth Avenue NorthNo Man Is An Island,
King and CountryShoulders
Phil WhickhamYour Love Awakens Me
The OutfieldWhiteheartThe Flame Passes On, Seventy Times Seven, Over Me, Maybe Today, The River Will Flow, Let It Go
Dana KeyThe Outlaw
Wayne WatsonAlmighty
Steven Curtis ChapmanFor the Sake of the Call, More to this life, Heaven in the real world
O-ZoneEvan Craft, Steven Richards & Raalon KennedyTe Exaltare/Glorify
Pablo MilanésRoberto Orellana
Panic! At The DiscoAscend The Hill
ParamoreKim Walker SmithStill Believe (album)
Take No GloryMusicionaries (album)
Ascend The HillBe Thou My Vision
Kari Jobe
Paul McCarneyJohn ElefanteIf You Just Believe,
Pedro InfanteJosé TrejoSeñor mi buen Pastor
Pepe Aguilar / Pedro FernándezRaúl GuzmanNo Hay Otro Dios
Phil CollinsCharlie PeacockThe Way Of Love, One Thing, Big Man’s Hat, Almost Threw It All    Away, Dear Friend
Phil KeaggyIn Jeasus’ Name, The Lazarus Heart,A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept
Wayne WatsonA Beautiful Place, Peace that passes understanding, When God’s People Pray,
Phil Keaggy -
Paul Wilbur

Porqué habré de temer
BethlehemDead Reckoning 
Steven Curtis ChapmanHeaven in the Real World (album), For The Sake of the Call
Pink FloydBarry McGuireMoment Of Truth, Plowman
Neal Morse
Question Mark, (Temple Of The Living God),
Sola Scriptura / Testimony
The PlattersHeritage Singers New CreationJesus Is Still The Answer, I Just Came to Praise the Lord
The Staple Singers
Negro Spirituals
The PoliceSteven Curtis ChapmanWeak Days, Not Home Yet
The PretendersOut Of The GrayDance
QueenDeGarmo & KeyReady or Not
The ArchersI’m Gonna Rise, Fool’s Paradise, Sanctified Life, Water Into Wine, Give Him Praise, Stand Up!, Livin’ in Your Love, It Wouldn’t Be Enough, I’ll Do My Best, Spreadin’ Like Wildfire, Where Could I Go (But To The Lord?), Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, Where Could I Go
Pantano-SalsburyHit the Switch - I’m Just a Record, Soul Seeker, People Tend To Forget
The 2nd Chapter of ActsHumble Yourself, Which Way The Wind Blows (feat. Phil Keaggy and A Band Called David)
Ron Salsbury & JC Power OutletForgiven
Randy StonehillCelebrate this Heartbeat
Steve CampHolding On To You, What would the devil say
The ImperialsThe Trumpet of Jesus, Old Man’s Rubble, Overcomer
Russ TaffPraise The Lord
Andrus, Blackwood & CoJesus ‘You're So Wonderful
Lou Gramm BandThat's The Way God Planned
Wayne Watson
Bob FittsThe Lord Reigns
RazorlightPhil Joel
Dwyl, Changed, Time Alone With You,
God Is Watching Over You
Red Collective
Red Hot Chili PeppersPhil Joel
ReikBart Millard (MercyMe)Down At The Cross, No Place Closer to Heaven (ft. Charlie Peacock), What a Day That Will Be, I Saw The Light, Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Victory, I Can Only Imagine,
REMWhiteheartMorningstar, Over Me
RihannaKelzia Alford
Roberta FlackMahalia Jackson
Rocío DurcalMaricruz ParedesLlévame a la Roca (album completo)
Maricruz BarriosEres Tú, Engrandeced a Jehová Conmigo (album completo)
Rod StewartRuss TaffI Still Believe, I Cry, Take My Hand, Rock Solid, Love is not a thing, Medals, I’m Not Alone
John Elefante
Roger WatersPhil Keaggy
Geoff MooreTrue Believers
The Rolling Stones (70's)Barry McGuireThe Tablets of Your Hearts, Moment Of Truth
Larry Norman
Phil Keaggy
The PilgrimsThere's Someone in Your Life
The PeacemakersBlood Upon Your Hands
SelenaNancy Amancio
The ScorpionsPetraBeyond Belief
GuardianNunca Te Diré Adiós (album)
WhiteheartDesert Rose, Nothing But The Best, Fly Eagle Fly, The Cry ,
Wayne Watson
Russ TaffDo you believe in love?
AlliesHeaven, Crying In The Chapel
The ImperialsLet The Wind Blow
Michael W. SmithSecret Ambition
Bob CarlisleGetting Stronger
Scott MackensieThe Last DaysOnly His Fews, I’ll Praise Him
Ken MedemaYou Can't Go Back
Simon & GarfunkelPaul & TimothyThe Unrepentant Heart
The AccompanyBeside The Still Waters
Rich Mullins
Silvio RodríguezRoberto Orellana
Sinead O'ConnorIonaThe Lord Is My Shepherd, Edge of The World
Joanne HoggI Heard The Voice Of Jesus, My Song is Unknown
Kristyn GettyBe Thou My Vision, In Christ Alone, The Lord is My Salvation
Out Of The GrayTo Give Love a Life, Nothing’s Gonna Keep me from You, In the Name of Love
Katie HurleyThe Whole World Is Waiting
SlashPhil Keaggy
Smashing PumpkinsPhil Joel
Snow PatrolDerek Levendusky
David OlingerMy Deliverer, Empty Room,
Soda EsteroRescateIndudablemente (album)
Steve Nicks

Stevie WonderAndrus, Blackwood & Co.Give It All
Mavis StaplesI Still Believe, At The End, Aint No Better Than You
StingSteven Curtis ChapmanHis Eyes, Lord Of The Dance, The Great Adventure, Heaven in The Real World, I Will Not Go Quietly
Talk TalkDeGarmo & KeyCasual Christian, The Pledge, Up On A Cross
Michael W. SmithThe Throne
Benny HesterWhoever Touches You
Taylor SwiftBrittany HargestPut it All Together
Kate HurleyI Will Shout at Your Name, Meredith Andrews, Kari Jobe
Holy StarrGod Is, Through My Father’s Eyes, I Love You Anyway
Tears For FearsCharlie PeacockDown In The Lowlands, That’s The Point, Counting The Cost, Message Boy, Unchain My Soul, Lie Down In The Grass, Lie Down In The Grass, Dizzy Dean Movie, Forever Strangers, I Will Need Your Help, My People, Conversing with Mercym Message Boy, Monkeys At The Zoo, Death Trap, My Father’s Crown, Insult Like The Truth, Lie Down In The Grass, It's Gone, It's Over, Love Doesn't Get Better, Every Heartbeat,
Rich MullinsSing Your Praise To The Lord, Creed, Awesome God, Songs (album), The World As Best As I Remember It (album), Maker of Noses
Wayne WatsonSticks and Stones, The Fine Line (album), Giants in the Land (album),
DeGarmo & KeyThe Pledge
Russ TaffDown In The Lowlands, Breathe Life Into Me, This Love Is Strong, I’m Not Alone,
WhiteheartSay The Word, Montana’s Sky, Silhouette, Unchain,Let The Kingdom Come, Edge Of The Dream, Lone Ranger, Light a Candle, Gabriella, Vital Signs,Climb The Hill
The ArchersMusic (all round the world)
The TemptationsThe CrossbeatsMr. Jenkins
The Witnesses
The PilgrimsDo you remember?, Time
The WallflowersBig Tent Revival
John Waller
The WhoThe Crossbeats
The Witnesses
The PilgrimsDo you remember?, Time
Tina TurnerMavis StaplesGod is Not Sleeping, Not Alone
Helen BaylorHoly
Tom Jones,
Paul Anka,
Engelbert Humperdinck
Garvin Rossdale
Roberto Carlos
Julio Iglesias
José José
B.J. ThomasYou Gave Me Love, Lord I’m Just a Baby, I Want to Be More Like Jesus, What a Difference You've Made, Home Where I Belong, He’s Got It All In Control, Jesus on My Mind, Hallelujah, The Word Is Love, I’ll Fly Away, Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Happy Man, He’s The Hand On My Shoulder, I’m Gonna See Jesus, He’s    Coming Back In A Blaze of Glory, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, More Of You, Without a Doubt, I Need a Miracle, Mighty Clouds Of Joy, Amazing Grace (album)
Joseph Larson
Russ TaffPraise The Lord
Walt Mills
Gary S. Paxton
Hal KennedySincerely
Danny BerriosDios Cuida de Mi, Me Diste Amor
Jaime Murrell
Bill Gaither
TotoJohn Elefante
Wayne WatsonHoliness, It’s Time
Tracy ChapmanNicole C. Mullen
TravisRob HumphreysAlways There, Centre of my world, Holy, Children of the sky, I am Yours
Sara Groves
Van Halen
Twisted Sisters
Darrel MansfieldRevelation (album completo)
Russ TaffInside Look, Not Gonna Bow, Vision, Medals
Vicente FernándezRaul GuzmanPor los frutos se conocen, Historia de amor
Wham!Steven Curtis ChapmanMy Turn Now, First Hand, No Better Place
Andrus, Blackwood and CompanySoldier of the Light
Wayne WatsonChanged in a Moment
The ArchersGet Ready Get Right, I’m Gonna Rise, I Can Do All Things (Steve    Archer)
Benny HesterReal Change
Whitney Houston Mariah Carey
Celine Dion
Lilly Goodman
Maggie Blachard
Cindy Morgan,
Tabitha Lemaire
Annie Herring
Lisa McClendonYou Are Holy
Yolanda Adams
Marcela Gándara
Sandi Patty
Twila ParisNot Forgoten, Faithful Friend, I Will Listen
Casey JI’m Yours, Fill Me Up
Música instrumentalRivers & RobotsStill Volume 1
Daniel Bashta

Como sugerencias extras, entre algunos grupos cristianos muy originales que no tienen ningún parecido con los antes ya mencionados se encuentran United Pursuit, Oslo Gospel Choir, Maranatha Singers!, Grupo Inspiración, Maritza Barreñada, Marty Goetz, Karen Davis, entre otros. 

Dependiendo del género:

Música cristiana en español: Peregrinos y Extranjeros, Juan Carlos Alvarado, Renan Carias, Oscar Medina, Grupo Inspiración, Miel San Marcos, Marcos Brunet, Jaime Murrell, Danny Berrios, Roberto Orellana, Nancy Ávila, Abel Zavala, Maritza Barreñada, Fernando Font

Rock-pop cristiano energético de los 2010s: Newsboys, King & Country, Abandon, Greg Sykes, Audio Adrenaline, Jason Gray, Everfound, Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, Ryan Stevenson, Zach Williams, Ryan Stevenson

Pop femenino cristiano de los 2010s: Lauren Daiglem, Love & The Outcome, Holly Starr, Brenda James

Música cristiana de adoración congregacional de los 2010s: United Pursuit, Will Reagan, Jason Upton, Housefires, Seth Condrey, Zealand Worship, Chris McClartney, Jaye Thomas, Jon Thurlow, Misty Edwards, Jesus Culture, Kim Walker Smith, All Sons & Daughters, Elevation Worship, Worship Central

Música alternativa cristiana de los 2000s: Casting Crowns, John Waller, Jeremy Camp, Third Day, Brian Doerksen, Starfield, Derek Levendusky, Tenth Avenue North

Rock Indie cristiano de los 2000s: Ascend The Hill, Citizens & Saints, Take No Glory, Phil Joel, Loud Harp, Steve Schallert

Música acústica cristiana de los 2000s: Rob Humphreys, Joel Case, Sara Groves, Josh White, Robin Mark, Judy Bailey

Rock fresco cristiano de los 2000s: Lou Gramm Band, Neal Morse, Wes King

Rock-pop cristiano de los 1990s: Out of the Grey, Bin Tent Revival, SCC, Nicole C. Mullen, Twila Paris, Michael W. Smith, David Meece

Rock-pop-wave cristiano de los 1980s: Helen Baylor, Rich Mullins, Wayne Watson, Benny Hester, Charlie Peacock, 4Him, Abraham / The Watchmen, Larnelle Harris, The Imperials, DeGarmo & Key

Rock clásico cristiano 1980s: Russ Taff, Whiteheart, John Elefante, John Schlitt, Bob Carlisle, Darrell Mansfield, Randy Stonehill

Música movida cristiana de 1970s: Maranatha Singers, The Archers, Keith Green, Andrus, Blackwood and Co.

Música suave tipo folk de 1970s : B.J. Thomas, Mustard Seed Faith, Dan Peek, Reba Rambo & Donny McGuire, Bruce Caroll

Góspel cristiano desde los 1960s hasta la actualidad: Mahalia Jackson, Mavis Staples, Edwin Hawkins, The Barret Sisters, Ron Kenoly, Oslo Gospel Choir, Marvin Sapp, Hezekiah Walker, Yolanda Adams, John P. Kee,

Música cristiana independiente: Jason Bellard, Bread Of Life Orphanage, David Olinger, Mark Murchinson, Daniel James, Kezia Alford, Belinda Jane, Robbie Seay Band, Kate Hurley, Toby Walters

Música cristiana instrumental: Johan Sebastian Bach, Mstislav Rostropovich, David Abramsky, Jennifer Jeon

Música cristiana en alemán, francés, portugués y hebreo: Samuel Harfst, Cae Gauntt, Maggie Blanchard, Tabitha Lemaire, Jotta A, Daniel Araujo, Karen Davis, Marty Goetz

Si casi siempre prefieres la música en español, visita el blog "Music-amen" donde encontrarás letras y acordes en español de distintas canciones cristianas traducidas y adaptadas y una selección que estoy seguro te pueden ser de mucha bendición. 

Si te gustan los himnos en español te recomiendo consultar el Himnario "Celebremos Su Gloria", que incluye partituras y detalles específicos para aquellos que saben tocar música. Las páginas de Internet "TheOverflow" y "NewReleaseToday", también contienen una gran variedad de sugerencias musicales cristianas. Cuando tengas oportunidad, no te olvides de apoyar a los músicos cristianos independientes a través de páginas como NoiseTrade, o GodlyChristianMusic, y por último, di no a la piratería, pues es un tipo de robo y eso no agrada a nuestro Dios. 

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